Operating Table


All Schröder branded EOT 3000S operating tables are easy-to-use, very durable, low-cost models that allow all positions to be performed electromechanically and mechanically. Nano Coating technology is used, which provides an antibacterial effect, ease of cleaning, and increased corrosion resistance, prevents blood and body fluids from settling and breeding on the table surface.

  • Head and foot section that can be angled at different degrees in accordance with the characteristics of the operation and is easy to put on and take off.
  • Thanks to its ability to slide in the horizontal plane in the range of 300 mm, it is possible to take images in a wide area with the imaging device without disturbing the sterile environment.
  • Opportunity to take quality images thanks to the top plate made of compact material with high X-Ray permeability.
  • T Base feature that contributes to operational success by allowing the surgical team and equipment to approach the table at an optimal level.
  • Quick recall in case of need by memorizing six different surgical positions.