Schröder Health Technologies took its place at the forefront of the global healthcare industry by participating in the MEDICA 2023 Fair, held from October 30 to November 2. This prestigious event provided a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments, explore innovations, and connect with industry leaders.

The Schröder booth was a showcase of digital health technologies, medical devices, and the latest innovations in the healthcare sector. Throughout the fair, our expert team engaged in knowledge exchange on current industry topics and fostered intense discussions on the future of healthcare solutions.

Notably, the digital health platforms and medical devices introduced by Schröder at MEDICA 2023 have the potential to bring about a transformative impact on patient care. Our smart healthcare technologies are designed to be utilized across a wide spectrum, from hospitals and clinics to elderly care centers and home healthcare.

Our participation in MEDICA 2023, as Schröder Health Technologies, was not only a testament to our impactful presence in the industry but also a valuable experience with the establishment of new business connections with global healthcare professionals and industry leaders. This event served as a milestone highlighting Schröder’s commitment to innovation and leadership.